Pioneer in Study Abroad solutions

With over 17+ years of extensive experience, Infinite Group possesses a profound understanding of the challenges faced by key stakeholders within the education sector. As a result, we are adept at offering tailored solutions to all participants in the educational ecosystem, including students, recruitment partners, and universities.

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Our Mission

Redefining Education Providing Taylor-Made Solutions To Recruitment Partners and Education Providers, Resulting In High Level Of Convenience and Peace Of Mind

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading provider of study abroad solutions, inspiring a generation of globally aware individuals who contribute to a more inclusive, harmonious, and prosperous global community.

Our Subsidiaries

With 16 Years of experience in the industry, we aim to provide holistic support by our group of companies under Infinite Group targeting each segment of the market.


I Unite

I-Unite is an AI-built platform designed to limit complexity and boost the student application and acceptance processes.

infinite university centre

Infinite University Centre

At IUC, we are committed to helping education institutions globally succeed and create long-term growth in Asia.

education loan guru

Education Loan Guru

Education Loan Guru is a fintech that aims to provide students with smooth overseas education loans within 72 hours.

infinite study tours

Infinite Study Tours

Infinite Study Tours provides life-changing study abroad tours, offering students the chance to travel to different universities, experience a new culture, and learn outside the classroom.

infinite talk

Infinite Talk

With Infinite Talk, we strive to build an educational community, welcoming experts from the industry on one platform. we explore limitless conversations and delve into the depths of knowledge ...

infinite news desk

Infinite News Desk

Infinite News Desk is our international education news and insights platform, with 70,000+ subscribers from around the globe. Find all international news covering the educational sector worldwide here.

An Initiative By Infinite Group

With experience spanning more than 17+ years in the education industry, Infinite Group firmly believes that education should be a universal right accessible to all individuals, irrespective of their background. The insightful experience of Infinite Group highlights a glaring truth: where privileged children often have the means to pursue education abroad, those less fortunate face immense challenges in accessing even basic education.

Through our collective efforts to break down barriers and plant the seeds of knowledge, we launched an initiative called Gyaan Vriksh. Through this initiative, we are working towards a brighter, more equitable future where education is not a privilege but right for all.

We facilitate global connections between our recruitment partners & education providers worldwide.

Infinite Group in Media

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Infinite Group has a well-established presence in the education sector, with over 16 years of experience. Within the Infinite Group umbrella, several subsidiary entities operate, each catering to specific aspects of education:

  1. I-Unite
  2. Infinite University Centre
  3. Education Loan Guru
  4. Infinite Study Tours
  5. Infinite Talk
  6. Infinite NewsDesk

These subsidiaries collectively contribute to our comprehensive offerings in the education industry.

Infinite Group’s expertise spans across various critical areas within the education sector, encompassing:

  • Education Loan
  • Supporting  Global Universities 
  • Helping Recruitment Partners
  • Global Recruitment Support
  • End to End Backend Operations

Our wide-ranging capabilities cater to the diverse needs of students, universities, and educational institutions.

Our subsidiaries cater to the needs of different individuals involved in the education sector. Our segments for:


  • Education Loan Guru
  • Infinite Study Tours

Recruiting Partners:

  • I-Unite


  • Infinite University Centre

Our Digital Platform

  • Infinite News Desk
  • Infinite Talk.

Infinite Group extends its reach through multiple subsidiaries, each of which has its own distinct partnership process. You can visit respective subsidiary websites to send a partner request.

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