Academic Pathway Planning
Academic Pathway Planning provides students with a career path with proper justification on the basis of their knowledge set, aptitude and interests.
Admission Guidance
Studying abroad is the act of a student pursuing educational opportunities in a country other than one's own. This can include primary, secondary and post-secondary students.
Career Counselling
Career counseling and career guidance are similar in nature to other types of counseling, e.g. marriage or psychological counseling.
Finance Assistance
Financial assistance (share purchase), assistance given by a company for the purchase of its shares or those of its holding companies Funding of science...
Forex Assistance
The value of currency in foreign exchange keeps on fluctuating on daily basis that intensely has an effect on loss of money in currency exchange.
Travel Assistance
TAI is the oldest organization of its type in the United States. With TAI, travelers have immediate access to medical assistance, travel insurance
Visa Assistance
Student Visa, which allows its holder to study at an institution of higher learning in the issuing country.We help in entire Visa process like...